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Hubbardton Forge Table Lamps" title="Hubbardton Forge Table Lamps
Wrought iron table lamps by Hubbardton Forge will make a brilliant statement in your home. Several Hubbardton Forge Table lamps incorporate many unique design elements such as wrought iron leaves, swirling, whimsical scrolls, or the ever-popular twist-basket designs. Other table lamps in the Hubbardton Forge line are quite simple, and offer a much more straightforward design. All of the Table Lamps from Hubbardton Forge have beautiful shades, whether they be fabric or glass shades.

Hubbardton Forge 266763 Forged Leaves and Vase Table Lamp
Hubbardton Forge 268423 Metra Double Table Lamp
Hubbardton Forge 272803 Antasia Table Lamp
261962 Hubbardton Forge Metamorphic Table Lamp
272674 Hubbardton Forge Fullered Impressions Table Lamp
272840 Hubbardton Forge Henry Table Lamp
277810 Hubbardton Forge Erlenmeyer Table Lamp
Hubbardton Forge 272880D Encounter LED Table Lamp
27-3030 Hubbardton Forge Gallery Spiral Table Lamp
27-3050 Hubbardton Forge Gallery Twofold Table Lamp
27-2800 Hubbardton Forge Anastasia Table Lamp
27-2815 Hubbardton Forge Anastasia Table Lamp
273077 Hubbardton Forge Moreau Table Lamp
273085 Hubbardton Forge Lino Table Lamp
277670 Hubbardton Forge Cavaletti Table Lamp
26-6792 Hubbardton Forge Forged Leaves Table Lamp
26-8422 Hubbardton Forge Metra Double Table Lamp
27-2665 Hubbardton Forge Stasis Table Lamp
27-2666 Hubbardton Forge Stasis Table Lamp
26-2072 Hubbardton Forge Simple Post Table Lamp
26-5001 Hubbardton Forge Twist Basket Table Lamp
26-5101 Hubbardton Forge Small Twist Basket Table Lamp
26-6760 Hubbardton Forge Forged Leaves and Vase Table Lamp
26-8421 Hubbardton Forge Metra Double Table Lamp
26-9411 Hubbardton Forge Metra Quad Table Lamp
27-2678 Hubbardton Forge Large Fullered Impressions Table Lamp
27-2686 Hubbardton Forge Medium Almost Infinity Table Lamp
27-2687 Hubbardton Forge Tall Almost Infinity Table Lamp
27-2850 Hubbardton Forge Facet Table Lamp
27-7660 Hubbardton Forge Brindille Table Lamp
Hubbardton Forge 272860 Reach 1 Light Table Lamp
Hubbardton Forge 272920 Folio 1 Light Table Lamp
Hubbardton Forge 274120 Pluto 1 - Light Table Lamp

What started as a small family business that ran out of a barn has grown to a 220 employee business, Vermont's oldest and largest operating commercial forge. From the humble beginning of borrowed tools, Hubbardton Forge is now a world known company. They can attribute their success to their attention to quality and detail. Each table lamp that is created is forged with the same care and dedication that originated with this company over 40 years ago. Each item that leaves their forge has been handcrafted by skilled artisans that know and love what they do. Still operating out of Vermont, you can be assured that your purchase was made by hand and designed with even the smallest details in mind.

This also remains true when you purchase a Hubbardton Forge table lamp. Each lamp that is purchased has been designed and forged by hand. The quality from an individually created lamp is second to none. The care that goes into a hand crafted masterpiece is above and beyond a mass factory produced item. Each lamp is made to order, forged especially for you. The artisans at Hubbardton Forge get inspiration for their designs by their natural surroundings. Their love of the outdoors has clearly influenced their style and design. From leafy to whimsical, there are hundreds of handmade styles to choose from. Their designs are so unique that a single table lamp can easily be used as the focal point or as a feature of a room.

A forged iron lamp has its own element of creativity. It also brings a very decorative element to a room. Forged iron works extremely well with all color schemes and designs. It can stand out in an area or blend beautifully in a room. The look you are going for, no matter what the style, can easily be obtained with one or more Hubbardton Forge table lamps. The available styles range from modern to whimsical to extremely unique: they are lamps that you will not see available by any other designers or manufacturers. The combined use of forging, iron, and glass creates a modern day twist to a historical method of production. While a vast number of people can boast the lighting they have used in a room, not as many can talk about the individual crafting that went into their own unique piece.

In addition to style and decor, table lamps offer a softer version of room lighting that is highly customizable. Your own personal combination, design, and placement will determine the overall finished look of your room. Lighting creates its own mood. The brighter the light, the more formal the room, the lower the light, the more relaxing. Combined lighting and placement will create a room that has a soft and inviting look, encouraging both family and guests to stay and relax.

Hubbardton Forge has taken what used to be an ancient art and turned it into a very successful business. They realized that, by hand forging, they were able to directly influence their own work and create lamps that they were proud to present to the public. If you are considering purchasing lighting, look into these beautiful and unique lamps. They will open up a world of possibilities and options for your own space.

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