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Troy Chandeliers

Troy Chandeliers
Troy Lighting's designers have taken a good deal of time, care, and consideration when introducing their great line of chandeliers. Whether it be rustic, contemporary, or the very popular candle-inspired chandeliers, Troy Lighting chandeliers are comparable to the lighting fixtures that you will find at some mall stores, yet they are of higher quality and more attractively priced. We just know that you will find a chandelier by Troy Lighting that moves you!

Troy Lighting F4743 Siena 4 Light Chandelier Small
Troy Lighting F4744 Siena 6 Light Chandelier Medium
Troy Lighting F4297 Odyssey 5 Light Pendant Large
Troy Lighting F4745 Siena 8 Light Chandelier Large
Troy Lighting F4746 Siena 12 Light Chandelier 2 Tier Extra Large
Troy Lighting F4426 Gotham 20 Light Pendant Extra Large
Troy Lighting F4319 Meritage 9 Light Pendant Extra Large
Troy Lighting F4298 Odyssey 9 Light Pendant Entry Extra Large
Troy Lighting F1845BB Bamboo 3 Light Chandelier
Troy Lighting F1848BB Bamboo 8 Light Island Pendant
Troy Lighting F1846BB Bamboo 6 Light Chandelier
Troy Lighting F3446 Drift 5 Light Dining Medium Pendant
Troy Lighting F3447 Drift 7 Light Pendant Linear Large
Troy Lighting F2503CB Jackson 6 Light Pendant
Troy Lighting F2504CB Jackson 8 Light Pendant
Troy Lighting F2715 Lyon 8 Light Chandelier
Troy Lighting F2716 Lyon 12 Light Chandelier
Troy Lighting F2717 Lyon 18 Light 2 Tier Chandelier
Troy Lighting F3135 Menlo Park 5 Light Pendant
Troy Lighting F3136 Menlo Park 8 Light Pendant
Troy Lighting F3137 Menlo Park 10 Light Pendant
Troy Lighting F3125 Pike Place 8 Light Pendant
Troy Lighting F3126 Pike Place 12 Light Pendant
Troy Lighting F3127 Pike Place 16 Light Pendant
Troy Lighting F3128 Pike Place 18 Light 2 Tier Pendant
F1710FR Troy Arcadia Chandelier
F1716FR Troy Arcadia Chandelier
Troy Lighting F3515 Bordeaux 5-Light Chandelier
Troy Lighting F3776 Le Marais 6-Light Chandelier
Troy Lighting F3806 Bistro 6-Light Chandelier
Troy Lighting F3807 Bistro 6-Light Chandelier
Troy Lighting F3535 Delacroix 8-Light Small Chandelier
Troy Lighting F3809 Bistro 9Lt Chandelier
Troy Lighting F3516 Bordeaux 10-Light Chandelier
Troy Lighting F3517 Bordeaux 15-Light Chandelier
Troy Lighting F3536 Delacroix 10-Light Medium Chandelier
Troy Lighting F3537 Delacroix 12-Light Large Chandelier
Troy Lighting F3817 Conduit 12-Light Chandelier
Troy Lighting F3818 Conduit 16-Light Chandelier

Troy Lighting is known for their ability to push the boundaries in the design world. Their creativity clearly shows when it comes to the lighting market. Refusing to be categorized and limited, Troy Lighting has strived to go beyond the normal decorative thinking to produce some of the most distinctive and remarkable pieces of lighting in today's market. They thrive on being unique, being different, and on being a step outside of the norm.

This type of thinking is clearly shown when it comes to their chandeliers. Troy Lighting chandeliers are some of the most unique pieces of art that you will find in todays market. Their chandelier designs and creations hold true to their name, and to the values, quality, and style they are known for. Their wide range of lighting options ensures there is at least one or chandelier available that will please you. This company makes sure that you will always find something that you love.

From formal to rustic, there are lighting choices available to match your needs and decor. The type of lighting should not only be dependent on the decor and lighting needs, but on the size and height of the room as well. It is known that chandeliers work best in large and open rooms, but smaller rows of this same lighting work well over islands and bar tables. Smaller rooms and lower ceilings work well when paired with a single row of the Bentley 3-Light chandelier or Bentley 5-light chandelier fixtures. Alternatively, the Odyssey Extra Large 9 light pendant chandelier works very well in large rooms. This fixture also brags such a unique design that it can be used as the focal point of a room.

Troy Lighting chandeliers are not just about lighting; they are also about design. They are made to impress without compromising function. Their lighting, from hand made to hand designed, has been proven to be the only lighting you will need to purchase for the room you are designing. Their high quality, combined with their ability to match your dcor, will save you money. You will not need to redecorate or replace fixtures years down the road. While mass factory produced items may have a cheaper price tag, the numerous replacement costs do not save money in the long run. This companys uncompromised attention to detail is part of what makes you know that your purchase is a purchase you will not regret. From large scale fixtures to the smallest decorative details, you can be assured that your Troy Lighting chandelier has been hand created, hand built, and personally inspected by those that know and love what they do.

When it comes to lighting, if you want something that is a step above the rest. Look into your options with Troy Lighting chandeliers. With so many styles and options, you are guaranteed to love what you see. The difficult choice isn't about deciding to purchase; the difficult choice is deciding which fixture to purchase. Have a look at your options and let us know exactly what we can do to help you with your decision.

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